Streamline video asset management and distribution

Video for CreativeSafe supports video, audio and HTML files from a secure, central location and enables users around the globe to search for, view, annotate, approve and distribute these assets from a web browser.


With a digital asset management system that includes secure storage, management, and creation of video files, organizations across multiple industries now have a cost-effective, simple-to-use solution that enhances media management, streamlines workflows, and expands client services. Place video elements for an advertising campaign alongside print, packaging and point-of-sale components for efficient, one-stop brand review; establish a log-in area on your website for clients to view a broadcast spot; offer download-to-order movies to customers on any platform; create in-house videos from existing elements and reduce the need for outsourcing—users can do all of this and more.

Scene Detection

The Video product generates useful key frames by detecting significant scene changes within videos and other animated assets, such as Shockwave Flash files. This type of automatic scene detection captures the most relevant previews so users can locate a particular segment of a video quickly, or preview all iterations of a website that contains rotating ads or images. To streamline the review process for faster approvals, comments can be added to individual key frames using the Annotations feature in CreativeSafe.

An administrator can determine the level of sensitivity for automatic scene detection, and establish a minimum and maximum number of key frames to be generated.

Streaming Videos

For every supported high resolution video placed on the CreativeSafe Suite server, the Video product can automatically create a series of low resolution versions and store them in the database. These low resolution versions are then available for streaming by authorized users in multiple formats—from a web browser, an iPhone or any other web enabled device.

To keep file management simple, changes made to the original high resolution file on the server are automatically shown in low resolution versions.

An administrator can determine how many low resolution versions are automatically generated, and in which formats—Flash Video, QuickTime Movie or Windows Media—as well as the size and quality for each movie.

Video Reel Generator

The Video Reel Generator is a standard plug-in included with the Video product. This feature is instrumental for creating in-house video reels by repurposing files that already exist on the CreativeSafe Suite server, such as MS Office documents, PDF and HTML files, images, existing videos, and layout documents. You can even set these video reels to music by including an audio track when the new reel is generated.

The user interface presents an intuitive, straight-forward design, ideal for users who don’t have prior knowledge or experience in video reel creation, and offers all of the controls needed for making new reels from existing elements—without the use of additional video editing software.

Other digital asset management software applications for original source files are not needed to generate reels. With access to a web browser, files are simply added to a CreativeSafe Suite shopping basket and a storyboard is automatically created, from which a new reel can be made.

Video Features

  • Provide fast and secure access and distribution of video, audio and HTML files for local and remote users
  • Offer streaming videos in multiple formats and resolutions, for any user worldwide, on any platform—including iPad, iPhone and many Android devices
  • Allow authorized users to generate video reels from existing files—including Adobe InDesign, QuarkXPress, Microsoft Office, PDF and HTML documents, images and supported video files
  • Preview images attached to audio files
  • Control user accessibility to various features within the Video product, such as restricting the ability to download high resolution videos
  • Configure the system to create key frames using automated scene detection or standard frames-per-second intervals
  • Configure the system to automatically create final versions, in multiple formats, from a single high resolution video on the server
  • View a log of user access for every video by login and IP address

Video Benefits

  • View a secure, server-based visual gallery of video files alongside all other job components
  • Reduce outsourcing by providing a simple digital asset management tool for generating video reels in-house
  • Simplify video and scene identification through key frame previews, even after assets have been electronically archived
  • Eliminate the need for duplicate versions of multimedia assets by centralizing access on the CreativeSafe Suite server for approved users
  • Streamline and automate workflows for approval trafficking, video news releases, motion graphics, and other digital files, using the Triggers and Actions feature
  • Capture all iterations of an existing website including images in rotating ads

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